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    1. Welcome to jieliang electronic website! Hotline:021-69520966簡體中文  |  English
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      We have served our OEM and ODM customers in various types of electronic and modular PCB production serving large and small batch OEM PCB production, and fast PCB prototyping delivery. We are specialized in the production of high-density, high-precision single or double-sided (up to 32 layers) rigid and soft PCB boards, and offer state-of-the-art PCB total solutions. With our strong technical background, we are capable and fully committed to provide our customers with circuit board production services and technical support seamlessly.

      Our customers leverage product development services from our well-experienced R&D team.  Our experienced R&Ds are well equipped with extensive technical knowledge and hands-on experiences in product development for production while ensuring high-level product quality at lowest cost. Our can-do attitude syncs in line with our customer’s need to minimize technical risk factors and improve market accuracy. We serve our customer with our strict technical agreements and strong intellectual property ethics to assure confidentiality without hidden worries.
      Our OEM processing plant mainly processes all kinds of branded electronic products such as instruments, communication equipments, networking devices, consumer products, and industrial control devices. We assist our customer to grasp the market opportunities to win greater economic benefits with our excellent product output quality and efficient engineering.
      ODM R&D Service Work Flow
      1. Feature requirement and feasibility study.
      2. Technology implementation plan 
      3. Design proposal creation and submission. Includes technology implementation and design theory, Gantt chart, development and product cost estimation.
      4. Hardware design process: schematics, PCB design, PCB processing, prototyping and debugging.
      5. Software development process: operating system software custom porting, driver development and debugging, application development and debugging.
      6. Product process: industrial design (shape, appearance, structural design, enclosure mold making), EMC test, circuit principle, PCB optimization, prototype sample test to meet the functional requirements.
      7. Technical documentation: circuit schematic, PCB diagram, BOM listing, hardware and software technical information, mechanical drawings.
      8. Production 
      Small batch trial production: production, testing tooling, testing feedback report, circuit schematics, PCB re-optimization.
      Mass production: production, test tooling documentation standardization, prototype circuit schematic for mass production, PCB document filing, BOM listing filing, hardware and software technical document filing, mechanical drawing filing.
      Presently we have successfully achieved the following ODM / OEM electronic products:
      Consumer electronic: mobile phones, MP3,MP4 and other portable players, digital camera, Camcorder, video recorders, DVD players,,audio systems, televisions, telephones, personal computers, radio, PDA.
      Household appliances: electric irons, hair dryer, rice cookers, Induction Cooktop, juicers, vacuum cleaners, electric water heaters, drinking fountains, mixers, coffee machines, soya-bean milk maker, air filter, cloth dryers, air purifiers.
      Precision instruments: digital clock, laser scanners, wind speed measurement instrument, projectors, ultrasonic detectors, gas detection device, electronic testing equipment.
      Medical electronics: magnetic resonance, microcirculation detector, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular examination instrument, microwave therapy instrument, blood gas meter, protein meter, electrolyte meter, medical scanner, variety of medical ultrasound equipments, electrocardiograph, electroencephalogram, spectrum instrument.
      Industrial electronics: industrial computer, inverter, servo motor, stepper motor, motion control module, relay, industrial rack and enclosure, industrial computers, encoders.
      Other electronics: burglar alarm, car speed radar detector, car alarm, access control & attendance system, surveillance system, intercom, printer, radar equipment, TV setup box, transmitter, navigator, fingerprint lock.
      Contact sales representative at 021-69520966

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