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    1. Welcome to jieliang electronic website! Hotline:021-69520966簡體中文  |  English
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       Shanghai Jieliang Electronic Co.,LTD has DIP assembly line that has the capacity of processing 20k components daily. The assembly lines are equipped with workstations, traction machines, electrostatic PCB racks, and DIP jigs. With well-equipped assembly lines and process management, we improved the efficiency and quality of DIP assembly. Constant improvement in specialized operator management ensuring operator’s quality for best result to meet our customer’s strict quality control requirements. 

            In our process management, we develop standardized operating guidelines for different processes for quality of operation enhancement, and reinforce optimization and improvement on each processing stages. We strive to keep the standard quality at 99.8% which have greatly reduces our customer’s cost and create competitive values for our customers. 

            Our assembly and production line staffs are stable employees of which 80% have more than 2 years of specialized experiences. They have outstanding performances, high quality awareness, high operating efficiency, and low error rate. Staffs are regularly sent for electronic related trainings to enhance their knowledge of products and processes. In the normal operation, based on the customer’s and IE requirements, we produce product molds and produce best soldering result from the DIP wave-soldering process to ensure soldering reliability.

      Quality is the foundation for Jieliang‘s business operations. In the DIP processing quality control, our processing team analyzes the received PCB to check their conditions. The team leverages the result and provides recommendations to the assembly operators for process improvements to the overall process efficiency and production capacity.  
      Jieliang has extensive years of DIP processing experiences and has served companies across the electronic industry. Jieliang has accumulated valuable, hands-on quality control solutions. For your strict PCB requirements, our process engineers can provide in-depth discussions with you on DIP assembly technology, fixture design, efficiency and production capacity, and interface with our the SMT assembly lines to ensure delivery is on-time and, most importantly, to provide overall best customer service experiences.

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