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      The hot-air reflow soldering machine and wash-free, fully automatic DIP wave-soldering and solder paste printing machine are designed to ensure soldering accuracy and quality. They are equipped with the world’s top-notch fully automatic pick and place machine that are capable of handling 0201 components and 0.3 mm pitch accuracy for QFP and BGA surface-mount component pasting.  The whole process includes in the services are SMT component acceptance, component pasting and soldering process, test, repair, and assembly. 

      We are committed to provide our customer with unparalleled, fast delivery, and high quality prototype build service, SMT component acceptance/other special processing and solder requests, testing, repair, assembly and more other services.

      Our key competitiveness
      Our competitiveness builds around the “Quality”. We adhere to low-price, fast delivery, and excellent service. On top of that, short delivery cycle (usually 1-3 days), and best service attitudes. We are keen to walk through and track with our customers on every processing stage.

      How Do We Work
      We provide services include but not limited to SMT component acceptance, special processing and soldering requests (accept small quantity). We accommodate special processing arrangements to suit customer’s needs. The hand work or automatic process services are available to our customer.

      On-time Delivery
      Fast prototyping SMT assembly:We provide fast prototyping SMT services for product development projects which may involve single BGA soldering and SMT job for the entire unit. Normally 3-day turnaround time for 1 to 100 pieces order.

      Small quantity SMT assembly:We provide product verification test service. In most development to production engineering transition stage, product verification test usually takes 101 to 1000 unit samples. The service includes single BGA soldering and SMT job for the entire unit. Normally 3 to 5 days turnaround time.

      Medium quantity SMT assembly:We accommodate fast production output for explicit delivery for batch production of around 1001 to 5000 units. The service includes single BGA soldering and SMT job for the entire unit. Normally 5 to 7 days turnaround time.

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